2023.11.26 NEW!

2年GEコース ニュージーランド語学研修 生徒ダイアリー

We learned the warmth of the people and the cultural difference during our stay in NZ for 3 weeks. The students and their parents who accepted us, even though they spoke in different languages, tried to talk with us and took us to lots of places and had lots of experiences. It was a meaningful time to learn the precious culture and language. My best memory in NZ was to go to te mata peak with Tia. My host is Maori and I remember that my host mother taught me Maori language. Tia ’s cousin, Ira, was 4years old but she spoke Japanese. She can say konnnichiwa. I think Japan was loved by New Zealand. We learned the importance of international exchange and the fun of being connected in English. Thank you for creating such a wonderful opportunity.

Ayaka Ota






I feel a lot of freedom here in New Zealand and the air is very fresh.
My host family was a great family and on the 28th, I had a chance to shoot a gun. It was AWESOME.
The 30th was my birthday, and besides the day I was given birth, I think this was the best birthday I’d ever experienced in my life.
If I were to be asked on where to go on a trip, I’ll definitely recommend New Zealand as the first choice.
That’s how much I’m enjoying here.

Hiroki Kamikuchi






Hi! I’m Shun.
I’m staying in New Zealand! I can speak English better since coming to NZ. I love my host family, they are always kind to me and they always worry about me. I’m happy! I’m learning a lot of things from NZ. There are a lot of different cultures, also their thinking is very different. I think it is important to know about other people.
I want to talk with many people, and to speak better English.
Thank you,

Shun Matsumoto.







When I first came to NZ and we played cards. It was a fun time and we could be a family .
This coffee picture reminds me of having fun on our trip to Wellington for two days .
I taught Japanese to year 9 students. It was a good experience for me . I appreciate them for being interested in the Japanese language.

Reno Uemori






I enjoy myself in New Zealand. New Zealand people are kind and friendly. My host family took me to various places. Te Mata peak had a beautiful view.
My host family is wonderful and nice people☺️ My host sister is good at speaking English! The dog is cute💕
I want to take a lot of photos with many people!!
I also want to enjoy the rest of my homestay!!

Ayuka Ikeda






I went to the farm market and Te mata peak hill in the morning with Sammi , Papa and Mai on Sunday.
The view from the top was very beautiful because Sunday had nice weather!!
After that, we watched a soccer game⚽️. It was so windy but I enjoyed it💓 . And the team we supported could win!
Sammi’s family is very kind to me and they take me to many places in NZ.
I’m glad to spend 2 weeks with my host family🐕.

Sakura Rudola






Last Saturday, they took me to many places!!
I enjoyed everything😆😆💗
And they teach me Maori performances.
It’s hard for me, but it’s really fun😄
Also they make me smile☺️
I’m very grateful to my host family‼︎
I could learn a lot of things since I arrived in New Zealand.
There are only a few more days that I spend with my host family.
But, I would like to enjoy rest of the time💓💓

Yuka Sugiura





Yesterday we played the game with Maori students. The game was very difficult. So I never did win. But it was so fun!!
At lunch time we ate with Karamu students. In the lunch box there are many snacks. I could’t understand it. But it was a very good time.
After school I went to the grandmother’s house. She has a dog. I and host sister walked with the dog. Yesterday was a very good day.

Chisato Uota





Today, I played soccer with my friends in New Zealand at lunch time.
I had a lot of fun!!
Also, we had dance class.
It was really funny.
We learned a lot of things from the NZ teacher, who said
“Fake it until you make it!!”
It means pretend you know what you are doing until you know what you are doing.

Rio Omatsu





I have had many wonderful experiences since I came to New Zealand.
My first memory is that my host family gives me a traditional Maori necklace. I went to a traditional place and cleansed my necklace with the water there.
I am really happy to be in New Zealand. I want to learn a lot of things and bring it back to Japan.

Leela Carnell





I enjoy everyday!
My host family is so kind and funny
My host sister is good at speaking Japanese and cute💛💚
I love my host sister😘
I made Brownies and drew pictures with my host sister on Saturday.
Also I went to Napier and the honey store with host family.
I have had lovely days⭐️✨

We had a farm experience yesterday.
The animals were so cute🐏🐕🐄
I was very happy.

I want to enjoy NZ life more🇳🇿☀️

Nakajima Nao






I’m having a good experience in NZ!
My host family is so kind. So, I can relax and talk with them. I like them very much😊
In NZ, there are many different things from Japanese culture, but it’s interesting!
NZ is rich in nature. So, I can enjoy natural beauty in many parts in NZ.
I’ll do my best for the rest of my homestay😊

Sawa Yamamoto




It’s so cold in NZ now. But I’m ok, because my host family’s cats keep me warm everyday.
The weekend, I went shopping with my friends and their host families. I bought a stone bracelet. The meaning of stone is fortune.
Fortunately, I was able to meet my lovely host family and a lot of friends! It is so fun, Thanks to u. Thank you for everything!!

Mai Haoka





Friday. I went to school by bike. It was a last day that I had to go to school. I was happy. I had a hospitality class today. I made 4 pancakes.
Unfortunately, it was rainy today. So the plan to go to a spa was canceled. Instead of that, we played bowling games. It was fun.

Saturday. I got up at seven this morning. It is why I didn’t have to go to school. However,when I got up at six once , Dylan was still sleeping , so I went to sleep again. It was so satisfying. Hippy made me a breakfast which was really nice. Then, we went to meg’s mother’s house. I climb up a hill and I took some pictures there. Lots of dogs were there.
We went to the mountains. A landscape was so breathtaking.
We went to the Alataki honey farm then. A Honey was tasty and sweet.
We did golf in the afternoon. I could play quite well. The day passed so fast. Everything that I did today was brilliant. I have no complaints at all. It was the best holiday by far.

Sunday. It was a beautiful day outside. It was warm and comfort. I got up at 8am. I have to get up at 6 tomorrow so I’m sad. I took a walk with a dog called Zara. After that, we went to a zoo. I fed animals there. It was very strange because animals licked my hands. Then, we went to Napier to buy fish & chips. However, we couldn’t find a shop which sells the best fish & chips. For instead, we bought pizzas and ate them at a park.

Rikisuke Maekawa





I’m so fun now.
Talking with my host family is so fun and have a good experience for me.
Today I went to play bowling with my classmates and our host sisters or brothers. Everyone enjoyed it.
After bowling I ate pizza with my host sister and my friends and her host sister.
We had a great time. I like New Zealand. I’m really looking forward to spending the rest of the time.

Yuzuki Harada






I spend interesting day in NZ!
Host family is so kind‼︎ Host sister is very cute. I like her!
And, host meal which my host father cooked is delicious. I love it.
This afternoon, I went to play bowling with my classmates and each host sister or brothers. I was very excited!
I want to enjoy NZ more!

Yahiro Ayaka





Today is a wonderful day!!
I’m enjoying my home stay and school life in NZ.
I really would like to tell how much this experience means to me.
Not only that I enjoyed going with host family but I feel refreshed and happy.

Maya Rudola





It has only three days since I arrived here but I’m having a good time.
The only tough thing is the coldness.
It’s so cold.
It is too cold to get out of bed .
It ’s just the hardest thing,
The others are great.
I want to enjoy myself during the rest of the stay.

Kota Ikeda





How nice!! How wonderful!!
When I came to Karamu, I immediately love Karamu students❤︎
They are very friendly and kind to me.
I walked around school with Karamu students.
I love them!!
And my younger host sister(Holly) made a bracelet for me, my host sister(Alice) and Holly!!
I love them, too❤︎
After we finished the school, I talked with Alice too much😂
But it was so interesting and I was happy😊
I really enjoy my NZ life!!!!
You are kind to me(←Holly wrote for me. She is next to me now❤︎Thank you, Holly❤︎)

Ikeda Iroha.






Arrive at New Zealand!!
Let’s have fun with our host family and friends for 3 weeks!!

We made muffins which was made from lemon grown in the garden.
It was very delicious and made me happy!!

I was so anxiety but I really enjoyed spending time with my host family!

Takata Yuki