2024.06.20 NEW!

オーストラリア セメスター留学


We went to Australia. We want to tell you about our life there.

If you ask me how it was in Australia, I’d like to say it was absolutely wonderful. I had a really great time at Citipointe. I was so lucky to have a lovely mentor, wonderful host family and amazing teachers.
First, Citipointe school life was amazing. I liked learning English and singing songs during class and the teachers were lovely. They taught and supported me a lot, it was easy to ask questions and talk with teachers because my class had only nine students.
 I made lovely friends, especially my mentor. I enjoyed talking with her at every morning tea and her kindness and smile made me happy. What is more, it was a good opportunity to practice my English. We went to the Gold Coast and Brisbane City together on a school excursion. It was so much fun and the time I spent with her is a real treasure for me.
Finally, I had a fantastic time with my host family. I could learn about culture and life in Australia. Also, I was able to teach Japanese traditions and culture to them. I had a lot of enjoyable experiences, especially my best memory is camping. I really felt the nature of Australia and I saw a lot of animals. Furthermore, my host family made me laugh at every dinner and I loved that time. I feel more confident to speak in public now because they helped my English a lot.
It was hard to say good bye to them and I felt three months went very fast. I’m very grateful to the lovely people I met in Australia and I’ll never forget the wonderful memories.
I’ll continue to study English hard and I definitely want to go back to Australia!
Wakako Noto




We went to Australia for three months and we learned a lot of English. The surroundings, which was all English, helped me to study English. The life was not only fun, we also had to do three hours homework and talk in English everyday. It was quite hard, however I could improve my English thanks to the hard work. I am glad that I studied abroad.
Taro Hirose




I could meet a very nice host family. They took me to many places. The most memorable place is Harvey Bay. I watched many whales. That was awesome.
At school, I could meet wonderful and lovely mentors as well. They always spoke to me kindly even if I couldn’t speak English well. I really enjoyed myself there. I’ll never forget everything which I smelled, heard, saw and experienced.
All I want to do now is just go back to Australia.
Ayano Yoshikawa